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Theory students, top-notch realtime writers, speed champions, agency owners all over the country love the Lady Steno Speed Clinic.

The Lady Steno Speed Clinic is worth every penny AND MORE!! Now, if you’re the type of reporter just looking for something where you can pay your money and get points without having to pay attention and not getting any real value at the end of the day, then this ain’t for you. But if you’re truly trying to improve and have ANY steno goals at all, you should invest your money and time into this Speed Clinic. You WILL have to work and pay attention but it’s well worth it. I’ve been working almost 25 years and I’ve gone to a minimum of 3 to 4 CE events each year for 23 of those years. This one ranks at the top! I could have left the first day and been satisfied with all the content I got. We pay close to the same amount of money for a convention and a lot of us walk away having enjoyed nothing but the social aspect of convention. Well, with Lady Steno you leave with tons of fabulous documents AND continuous updates and practice material. You don’t even get that with your software companies unless you’re constantly paying them. If you only have X dollars to spend on training/CE this year, you should spend it on the Speed Clinic.

Kim Xavier, RDR, CRR, CRC, CRI, CSR (TX)
Official Reporter

If you’re able to go, I would highly recommend the Speed Clinic.

This course is awesome and intense. I went to the speed clinic in Dallas a month ago. I am a student, and I have been stuck at the same speeds for months, and I needed a shot in the arm to get me going. I am finally feeling like I am starting to move up. She taught us many phrase starters and phrase enders that follow a pattern. Once you learn them, you can combine them all together in one stroke. I am able to catch up in my dictations by combining the words together. It’s is a great feeling, especially since it translates beautifully.

She had great visuals to help us identify them and read back as well.

The way Katiana teaches the phrases made a lot of sense to me, and I am finding myself using them more and more in my writing. I continue to practice the phrases that she taught us, and she is very supportive and really wants to see us succeed.

Even after the class, she offers webinars where we practice what we were taught, and even learn new phrases. She offers more dictations, finger drills, and worksheets to help us be successful. She cares about our success and does what she can to help us become better CRs and master the material.

An important thing to remember is that mastering what she teaches is totally upon us. She gives us the tools and the knowledge, and it’s up to us to put in practice to really learn them.

I am so glad that I took this course. It has really helped me a lot, and I know it will continue to help me as I work towards my CSR.

Dana Spear
Steno Student

I can’t tell you how delighted I am having met you and attended your class. I mean, it was fabulous. What you taught us in just three days is huge for me. I totally intend to practice the cr*p out of it and nail it 😂😂😂. That’s my goal. I can’t believe I just came across you on FB one day. Now I’m a true follower lol!!

I hope you do more clinics – I will travel lol. But I’m so excited for you with your school venture. You have a fabulous demeanor and a great, easy way of teaching. I know it will be a success. I planned to write a review on your page, I just wanted a free, uninterrupted five minutes to do it !!!

I hope your current group are great too! I was glad to meet the other ladies. It worked so nicely. The small group was perfect!

You said we may be using our new stuff by next week …… I used it YESTERDAY!!! I had a long interpreter job yesterday – couldn’t believe my luck! I got to practice just a few, but I used them all day!!! I concentrated on AND, BECAUSE and a few others! It was great because the job was slow so i could really concentrate on them!

I can’t thank you enough. You are a beautiful person. I can see your passion in teaching Mark’s Steno. You have to have so much faith and love in something to be willing to reach out and share it with others.

So thanks again, Katiana. I really hope we cross paths again sometime.

Claire McGinn
Freelance Court Reporter

I just returned today from a Speed Clinic in New York taught by Lady Steno. It was worth the investment, as I learned Phoenix theory.

I cannot wait to put my new information to work at school and finish!!! It was great. It is very, very good!!! Each day we learned five to seven different concepts and ways to break down the keyboard from left to right. The ways to maximize that board are pretty amazing!!!

She does a great job giving you little ideas to remember everything. The number of phrases you can create are crazy. And I mean five word phrases.

It was so interesting to see the light bulbs of the fellow attendees go off!!!!

There was only one part that we had lots of questions about. We didn’t even think we understood. Mrs. Katiana didn’t waste any extra time explaining it to us. Instead, she played dictation that involved the part in question and guess what!!! We all got it when we put it to writing!

It is designed so that you learn even when you think you are not. You write with ease and comfort.

The course itself costs about $700, plus I believe it was 26$ fee. It is very worth it, because even after the clinic you can contact her for specific instructions, dictation, and follow up.

I am so very glad I did this. I cannot wait to see some passing tests come my way.

Ro Dennis
Steno Student

I’ve been a freelance reporter for a little over a year and I attended Katiana’s Speed Clinic in Dallas last month. I learned so much from this woman in a matter of three days. I can feel my fingers moving slower in every deposition. It’s so beautiful!! 😍

She breaks down every combination so you can understand why and how it works and it truly does. I’ve always wanted to incorporate Mark K’s Magnum Steno Theory into my writing but doing it on my own felt impossible. It’s one thing seeing what he does, but understanding it and doing the drills to reinforce it really solidifies it for you.

If you have the ability to attend her Speed Clinic, DO! IT! The only regret will be not doing it sooner!

Kristine U.
Freelance Court Reporter

Loved, loved, loved this clinic. Katiana Walton really wants you to learn — in fact, she insists on it! I’ve been reporting for 32 years and am pretty set in my ways. However, the information I learned at this clinic is phenomenal! I’m beginning to implement it in my writing and it works!!! Katiana really knows her stuff, and she gives you many different ways to be successful. I would definitely attend again, but the free webinars she’s been doing are a wonderful refresher. If you’re on the fence about attending, GO!!

Vanessa Russell
Freelance Court Reporter

I’m a working reporter who learned StenEd. I just attended Lady Steno’s speed clinic, who went back to school to learn Mark’s theory, and the difference is amazing. I write everything out for the most part, and I’m now incorporating a ton of phrases and briefs.

Kelly Keys
Official Court Reporter

A couple of weeks ago I took the Lady Steno seminar in Dallas and was floored by how great of an experience this was for me. I am just starting in the 80wpm and have been learning Stened theory. Katiana Walton, who is the woman behind the Lady Steno, teaches Magnum Steno theory. I wish I had done this theory from the beginning! Her seminar is very intense, but well organized, professionally done and super informative. I am glad I took it fairly early in my training so I can start incorporating all the things she is teaching and won’t have to unlearn too much to start using the Magnum Steno theory. If you are looking for something to help you write faster or to kickstart your speed building, I highly recommend this three-day seminar! It is worth every penny!

Stephanie Davis
Steno Student

I just wanted to tell you thank you again for your Speed Clinic. Your clinic was very beneficial to a reporter such as myself who was taught to write everything out and who uses minimal briefs, and who has been struggling through transcripts because I have been stuck in my old way of writing and too busy to stop, learn, and incorporate briefs and phrases into my writing. I truly admire your dedication to the field, so thank you.

L. G.
Freelance Court Reporter

Day 1 seems to naturally come to me. A lot less mental gymnastics! (Only four days after the Lady Steno Speed Clinic.)

S. M.
Official Court Reporter

I am amazed at how fast I was able to comprehend the material. I’m usually the one that is behind. 

Meghan Ash
180 Steno Student

I know I can be a better reporter and I decided to finally do something about it, so I signed up for the speed clinic with Katiana Walton and after one day of attending, I know I will be a better reporter. I highly recommend attending her future speed clinic classes.

Sanite Conserve
Freelance Court Reporter


I’m so happy you’ve made a choice to help students and working reporters to improve their writing. I’ll be implementing phrases as soon as Monday, and then build upon it. Once again thanks for creating this workshop and teaching with such patience and passion. I can see your really enjoy the field! I’ll definitely keep you posted with my progress. Good luck with launching your school. I’m sure it’ll be a success!

D. Williams
120wpm Student

I just wanted to thank Katiana Walton for her amazing Speed Clinic that she taught in Miami, FL. Her clinic was well organized, highly structured, and taught with passion and dedication. Her lessons were clearly planned using Magnum Steno theory to write short! Through the use of visuals and PowerPoints she helped me master difficult briefs and phrases. I am so glad I was able to attend her clinic and I recommend it to anyone who wants to shorten it to master their writing! Thank you ,Katiana!!

Anne S.
Theory Student Elementary School Teacher

I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome speed clinic you put on in Orlando. Great job. I loved learning everything you had to offer and will definitely be putting it all to use. It is going to help tremendously.

Melissa Kennedy
Freelance Court Reporter


Day 3 of the Lady Steno Speed Clinic in Orlando. My brain is at max capacity but it’s been truly transformational. I am looking forward to implementing what I learned from Katiana and have it be second nature in my writing style. Highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their speed. She takes Guinness World Record holder Mark Kislingbury’s steno theory Magnum Steno and condenses it into three days. It’s a packed three days but so worth every penny for the amount of knowledge you get. Great for beginners to start off on a solid foundation but also great for seasoned reporters looking to write smarter, not harder.

Ninette Butler

That was a fantastic workshop. I have not been home for 24 hours and have already went over lesson 1! I now have a new approach to passing my speed tests for school.
I also think it’s great the effort you put in to constantly improve the classes for ease of learning.

Kathy Smith
High Speed Steno Student


It was a wonderful weekend and I learned so much.

Nancy Metzke
Firm Owner and Freelance Court Reporter

Today’s Speed Clinic, presented by Lady Steno: As I sit here practicing what I learned in today’s clinic, I feel a renewed excitement for this magnificent tornado of a career that we all have the pleasure of being a part of.
After a solid year of trying to clean up and shorten my own writing, I felt somewhat hopeless. I have watched YouTube videos of the superstar speed writers in our profession and thought, “it’s impossible.”
I truly feel that today’s speed clinic broke a barrier in my head. I finally have a solid starting place. I am so looking forward to the next levels in this thoughtful program. I strongly recommend this to anyone who is serious about shortening their writing and moving into realtime and shorter transcription time. Thanks again, Lady Steno!

Gabby C., RPR
Freelance Court Reporter


I am a court reporter for 33 years. “YIKES.” I attended the clinic a few weeks ago and have already found the clinic to be helpful in my writing. Whether you are in school, just starting out, or have been in the industry for a while like myself and want to learn to write fast and short, I would recommend you attend. If you walk away with learning JUST ONE of the phrases that you can incorporate into your writing, just think of all the strokes you can save in your lifetime of writing. It’s like a buffet, take what you like and leave what you don’t like. And remember, everything is foreign in the beginning, but once you get used to it, it becomes a habit.

Freelance Court Reporter

Video Testimonials

Take a minute to listen to what other stenographers think about the Lady Steno Speed Clinic.

Hi all – as I student myself I know we’re all looking for advice and trying to get out as fast as possible and maybe even with the least effort possible…I know, I know…but we’re all doing life WITH school😃 So can I just tell you the best thing that I’ve done is going to Lady Steno’s Speed Clinic?!?! Holy moly I feel like I have the keys to the universe when compared to the results of StenEd!!! Today I’m literally stacking 4-5 words in ONE stroke and rather than feel overwhelmed at “memorization”, I feel empowered and hungry to learn more! Many people told me Magnum Steno Theory requires too much and what if someone doesn’t say exactly what you know to be the brief – well, I can say that’s not the case because everything builds AND I was tired of all my excuses for why I couldn’t pass a test! So do it! Go sign up!

Ryan C.
Steno Student

I attended in Atlanta. Can I just say that I was put off by the price at the beginning…wondering how I was going to get my money’s worth…obsessing about the cost. But on the other side, I can’t believe it didn’t cost more! The Speed Clinic is worth every penny, and you come away with a plan to really refine your writing and getting your realtime life on track.

Kairisa Magee
Freelance Court Reporter

Sweet victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That feeling you get when you write this clean at 100wpm stenoqueen!!!!!! More to come; I’m soo excited I passed two tests in one night. Hard work and dedication pays off!!!! Next level here I come!!!!! 120 words per minute yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Katiana Walton aka Lady Steno your Speed Clinic is the TRUTH!!!!!!

Kendra Brown
Steno Student

I’m an online student and I attended Katiana’s Speed Clinic last month. I highly recommend it. It was 100% worth every dollar and my time. Mark’s theory is what I learned but after having attended one of her webinars, I was hooked and knew I could learn so much more from her. I loved the way she explained things. She just makes sense of it. Another thing I really like is that she is so patient with everyone.

Since attending, I’ve noticed I now have less hesitation when writing.

If you’re thinking of signing up, DO IT!! You’ll definitely be glad you did.

Maragaret Terrazas
High Speed Steno Student

Today was the last day of Lady Steno’s Speed Clinic. As a birthday gift to myself this year, I decided to invest in my future and learned how to one-stroke OVER 3,000 phrases. I feel like my life just shifted into a new & improved direction. My writing will never be the same. I also got the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing reporters/lifelong friends on the east coast.

Katiana, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy life as a freelance reporter to host this clinic. You really put some work in, girl, to make this class fun and interactive. I’m super grateful. 

Mekailah Lorena
Freelance Court Reporter

This class is awesome! I too attended the class a few weeks ago and have been incorporating some of the briefs, ones I can remember, and I can feel the change in my writing. If you really want to shorten your writing, this class is the way to go.

Shon K.
Freelance Court Reporter

You asked for updates so here’s mine: I just tested out of 80 WPM and into 100! I’m still working on full phrases from the clinic coming automatically, but you also taught me how to hear phrases in general, so that’s speeding up my writing already. I’m also laughing that what does come automatically is all those RHPEs I was struggling with! I keep reaching for them as standalone briefs.
Thank you again! I learned so much. (One week after the Speed Clinic)

Nora Stuart
Steno Student

Briefs are starting to stick. (Three weeks after Speed Clinic)

Penny P. RPR, CSR (CA)(TX)
International Court Reporter

I’m an online student and I attended a Speed Clinic and one of the webinars. If you have the opportunity to do it, go for it! It’s absolutely worth it. She knows exactly how to explain in a way everyone will understand. She made sure we all understood all the concepts before we moved on so I was immediately able to implement it into my writing. It’s the best thing I could’ve done for myself. I’ve progressed so much in my testing and writing I will definitely graduate this year.

Jessica Rey Sanchez,
High Speed Steno Student

Using the briefs and phrases help me pass two of my 160 test with 96%. I just passed my Jury and Q&A this week. Thank you for allowing me to attend your speed clinic. Your labor was not in vain!

Taneshia C.,
Court Reporting Student

Since taking your class I feel my writing has been cleaner since I’ve been practicing more the finger drills and focusing more on my finger placement on the keys. I have been incorporating a handful of phrases which I am proud to say. I need to practice more and just repeat the phrases so I can incorporate them when I hear them. My favorite briefs are using -RB for she and being able to use it in phrases like the one I used today was K-RBMT (can she tell me) during a 200 test which I am surprised at.
I’m going to definitely practice so I can incorporate many more briefs while in 200 speed test. I also caught myself using the that -LGTS with about, so about that as a phrase which cuts it into one stroke instead of two. Also, I’ve been using the -FS for was and initial because and initial and as you taught us so I can phrase a little more here and there.
Your little tricks to remember each new steno word is so amazing. I don’t know if I would remember it so well without them.
I am trying to incorporate the final need -FRB and want -FRG to my writing as well to give me more opportunities to phrase and shortening my writing. I am able to add it when I am writing in slower speeds such as 180 but I know with time and practice I have no doubt I will begin to incorporate more phrases.
I want to thank you for giving the class again. It was great and I took away so much from it. All the practice material is so helpful. Thank you for your time and all the knowledge you have passed down.

Michelle Rosas
Steno Student

And thanks again for such a great workshop – it really has improved my writing! (Three weeks after Speed Clinic)

Lynne Livingston
Steno Student

Again, thank you so much for a fabulous workshop! I recognized what felt like a thousand phrases of yours in the transcript I scoped today. Can’t wait to use them on the job! Best of luck in your upcoming clinics. It was so worth it, and I’m sure reporters are going to be waiting in line for your courses soon enough.

Melissa Kayan
Freelance Court Reporter

Today was my first day back to work. My job was a jury selection. So while the pace of the proceeding was pretty fast, and I did implement a few of the new outlines, other times I kind of had an afterthought when I heard a phrase, like, “Oh, I just learned a shorter way to do that.” Grrrr. There’s no doubt it will come. I’ve already entered nearly 500 of the new phrases into my dictionary. I thought I would try to enter the phrases in a “dictionary build,” but I’ve decided to write them out and define them manually, as I’m finding this is just reinforcing what I learned as far as perfecting my finger placement and reading the steno outlines. The concepts you taught us are like manna from heaven. I’m eating it up and I’m loving it! I actually rolled out of bed an hour early today just so I could work on the material in the study guide.
Thank you again for your dedication to our profession and for being willing to share your knowledge with us. The Speed Clinic was a great investment of time and money. I would recommend it to any reporter of any skill level.

L. Seiden
Freelance Court Reporter


Thanks for putting on this seminar. I did learn quite a bit.

Cindy Sebo, RMR, CRR
Congressional Court Reporter


This has been AMAZING! Your way of teaching is so effective. I can’t wait to go back to work after this clinic!!

DeAnna S.
Freelance CSR Court Reporter

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