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MVP Package

MVP Speed Clinic Package

Elevate your skills to the next level with our comprehensive MVP Speed Clinic Package!

What Does the MVP Package Include?

Three-day Intensive Clinic:
Attend engaging, concept-driven sessions for three consecutive days.

Personalized Grading Platform
Get exclusive access to a personalized grading platform, where you can grade and assess all dictation included in the speed clinic. Monitor your progress from day one and identify areas for improvement.

Adjustable Speed Dictation Files:
Test your skills with dictation files tailored to your level. Enjoy the flexibility to adjust the speed, ensuring challenging and effective practice.

Comprehensive Progress Tracking:
Keep a record of all your dictation files in an organized manner. This will enable you to monitor your growth effectively and maintain focus on your development.

Accountability and Mentorship:
Katiana, your dedicated mentor, will have access to your progress, providing feedback and support to keep you on track. Benefit from her expertise and let her help you stay accountable to your goals.

Monthly Strategy Sessions:
As part of this package, you will have a link to schedule to meeting with Katiana once a month over the course of the three months so we can strategize a plan to optimize your performance and excel in your steno journey.

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