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About Presenter

Many years ago, I was just like you. I struggled in all areas of stenography, and I hit many walls along the way. I battled keeping up with my work and improving my skills during the first five years of my career.

I remember the very strong emotions of feeling inadequate, incompetent, or simply not good enough to continue because I’d mess up in my writing on the job. When an attorney would say, “The person sitting to your left is the court reporter. She will be taking down every single word that we say,” I felt an instant feeling of heavy stress and pressure.

I finally had enough of the struggle. After many late nights working on overdue transcripts, dealing with frustrated scopists and unhappy agencies with impatient attorneys, I knew I had to RADICALLY change my writing style in order to succeed.

After a lot of trial and error with many methods and techniques, I took a big step to enhance my career. I relocated to Houston, Texas, where I spent nine months at the Mark Kislingbury Court Reporting Academy. I attended his entire theory program, from September 2014 to May 2015. 

In that time, I discovered that the real Trick was not practicing for hours or moving my fingers faster, it was simply about getting in more words PER STROKE.

I shortened my writing by adopting all of the principles of the Magnum Steno theory. After learning from the best, I have now become a short writer and the stenographer I have always dreamed of being. In addition to working as a freelancer court reporter, I also provide CART and realtime in a variety of settings. Since shortening my writing, my stress levels immediately dropped, my confidence in my abilities exploded, and I was able to return to Miami and make even more money doing what I really loved. I became a faster and even MORE accurate writer, and I’ve never looked back.

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